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Helping individuals, managers and organisations solve common workplace people issues and optimise personal performance.

Why focus on people issues?

How many of the problems that individuals, managers and organisations experience at work are a result of people issues?

What are the consequences personally when we feel anxious and demotivated?

To what extent do difficult relationships problems at work impact on performance and consume organisational effort and resources?

The Organisational Iceberg Model suggests that the human process at work contributes significantly to the way the job gets done.  Confident,  resilient staff who get on well together to do a job they are clear about and motivated by will approach work differently than people who feel overwhelmed and anxious, have fractious relationships, and are unclear about their purpose.

What underpins our approach?

Distilling the difference that makes a difference. The 20–80 rule suggests that 20% of our effort generates 80% of benefit. Our programmes contain tried and tested practical techniques as well as useful models from a wide range of topics including psychology, Organisational Analysis, Management & Leadership training, NLP, Learning Theory and more. All help to unlock the 20% that gives the 80%.

Our psychology affects everything we do. But few of us are taught how to understand, and get the most from it. Learning more about ourselves and others as well as strategies for effectiveness, helps us manage ourselves better and enhances the way we behave.

People issues affect the way the job gets done. Individual and organisational performance is about more than just being clear about the task. If people are involved, then the human side of work – perceptions, feelings, morale, and relationships can have a major impact.

Effectiveness, Efficiency, Economy. Programmes contain tried and tested material that makes a real difference. They are delivered in short bite-sized lessons that can be accessed at the users’ convenience. And with single-user prices for lifetime access lower than the average cost of one coaching or counselling session, they offer great value.


What programmes are available?

Introductory Programmes are free to access, offering a sense of the approach, and samples from the courses. We share introductions to useful models, frameworks and techniques, which can help managers and staff start to develop their own ‘inner psychologist’.
Core Programmes establish basic understandings about how we ‘tick’ personally, how we can understand and work with the difference between people and how to approach problems and goals in an effective way. Modelled from an acclaimed live leadership course designed for NHS managers, they include practically useful strategies for managing our emotional state and building confidence, for handling disagreement and improving influence, and for dealing with problems and setting clear ways forward.
Workplace Specific Programmes focus on common workplace issues and include simple models that make sense of people management, as well as powerful strategies to help work through change and accelerate the process of adaptation.
General Interest Programmes are also available covering a wide range of topics and offering fascinating insights into the human psyche. For those interested in deeper exploration of the topics, further sources of information and training are given.

How are programmes delivered?

Content is concisely delivered in bite-sized video sessions, using everyday language and illustrations. Graphics to support the filmed content, and extracts from live training are included. Hosted on Teachable, the courses can be downloaded to PCs and mobile devices for access at the user’s convenience. Click here to view all programmes.

Programmes are priced at just £40 (single user) for lifetime access. Discounts are available for multi-user licences. Click here to contact us for details.

What do people say about our programmes?

“I work as a coach and Organisational Development Consultant and can see the benefits of using these short programmes to complement change programmes within organisations. I can also see the benefit of using them as a foundation for learning in management and leadership training.”

Phil B. (O.D. Consultant)

“This is NLP at its simplest and best. When you put these top tips, tools and techniques into practice as part of your everyday life, you will soon see a difference in how you manage yourself and your relationships for the better. I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in how people tick and who wants to improve their and others personal effectiveness.”

Alison W. (Workforce Development Manager)

“Not only will this training change the way you look at people but it will also help change the way you look at yourself. Thanks Chris & team for putting this together and giving me the chance to make big changes. I was just blown away with the content.”

Roger W. (Facilities Manager)

Who is the Trainer?

Chris Grimsley is a Certified NLP Trainer with many years involvement in training and organisational development. Fascinated by people for over four decades, he brings a wealth of study, personal / professional development and experience to his work.  He has qualifications in Psychology, Social Work, and a Masters Degree in Organisational Analysis and Behaviour. Professionally he worked in public services in the U.K. as a practitioner, manager, development officer, and management trainer before establishing a freelance training and consultancy business.
Chris is passionately committed to sharing practically useful models and techniques.  He has a reputation for using plain English and everyday examples to help people to better understand their own and others psychology and behaviour.  Having access to this material helps people ‘tick’ better, communicate more clearly, enjoy improved relationships and experience less friction, and perform at their best more of the time.

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